Aldabaran Eagle - in work at Rolleston

Waikiki Beach -back at Rolleston August 1


Have Faith In Me- in work,  hoppling

Heaven Rocks-in work. NZ Cup prep. with Steve Boyd

Lazarus-in work. NZ Cup prep. Hoppling August 1

Major Hippie - in work at Rolleston and hoppling

Mr Kalypso-hoppling at Rolleston

Bettor Be Gold -spelling

Partyon -Breeder's Crown

Renske B-  in work at Rolleston and hoppling

Regal Love - at Steve Boyd's August 1

Piccadilly Princess-- back in work at Rolleston

More the Better- Breeder's Crown bound

Dream About Me- in work. NZ Cup prep. Hoppling

The Fixer- pre-training with Steve Boyd-

Cash n Flow- returned late July to Steve Boyd -water walking

Ultimate Machete- returned mid July to Rolleston

Prince Fearless- pre-training with Steve Boyd


Younger Horses*

All U Need is Faith - in work

Anthem.-pre-training with Tim Trathen

Atomic Reactor- spelling

Chase Auckland- in work and hoppling 

Ready To Bloom- pre training with Tim Trathen

Winterfell-in work at Rolleston. jogging

Delight In Me. -has returned to Rolleston August 1

Duplicated- spelling

Elle Mac-returned to Steve Boyd, August 1

Gentle Giant-pre-training with Tim Trathen

Honour and Glory- spelling

Semiranide- in work at Rolleston. Hoppling

A Lister- Resumes August 1

Ashley Locaz - resumed August 1 with Steve Boyd

Luby Lou- spelling

Funatthebeach- in work at Rolleston

National Gallery- in work at Rolleston

Bare Knuckle- back in work at Rolleston. Hoppling

Highly Regal-spelling

Sicario- Breeder's Crown campaign starts late July

Ohanzee- in work at Rolleston. Hoppling,

Shenandoah -  resumes August 1

Major Shard -spelling


Speech in Silver -pre-training with Steve Boyd

Spankem- due back in stable late July

Conway Beach- in work at Rolleston. Hoppling

Kingslanding- in work. jogging

The Devil's Own-returning to Rolleston late July

Think About Me - returned to Rolleston August 1

Turn It Up - returned to Rolleston

Tennyson Bromac-returned to Rolleston

Zion Bromac -in work at Rolleston. Hoppling


Rising Two Year Olds (some given spell in August during World Drivers Championships)


A Bettor Act- in work at Rolleston

"Easton"- Art Major-Easton Alliance-spelling

Bolting Bookmaker- Bettor's Delight-C Ya Later- in work at Rolleston

Bubbled Up -American Ideal-Speights Girl- in work at Rolleston

Princess Tiffany-Art Major-Dancing Diamonds-back on August 1

Kayla Marie-Bettor's Delight-Braeside Star-back on August 1

Horotane Jack-Bettor's Delight-Miss Elsie- in work at Rolleston

Lovemelikeyoudo (T)- Love You-Regal Volo

Cheerful (T)- back on August 1

Self Assured- spelling

Master Piece-spelling

Ultimate Sniper- in work at Rolleston

Findlay Shard-in work at Rolleston

Portalegre -in work at Rolleston

Major Coo- spelling

Jesse Duke-  been in work to spell from mid July

Bettor My Dreamz- in work at Rolleston

Downtown Babe-spelling

Mrs Bouquet-returned to Rolleston August 1

Miss Cleverclogs-returned to Rolleston August 1

Jack Jones -in work at Rolleston

Taxman-in work with Steve Boyd

Veni Vidi Vici - spelling

Ex Australia-names not confirmed

Art Major-Vista Bella-spelling

Art Major-Alt Calypso-spelling

Bettor's Delight-Catapult-in work at All Stars

Art Major-Easton All Action- spelling

Art Major-Postmark- to spell from mid July

A Rocknroll Dance-Christian Party -spelling




182 wins in 2015-2016 ANZ seasons-greatest ever by a NZ stable.