JANUARY 19 -BALLARAT.-Ballarat Cup (Thefixer,Spankem, Cruz Bromac) G1 Heats Victorian Derby (Another Masterpiece)

JANUARY 26-MELTON -Ladyship Cup G1 Bonanza G1 (Spankem) Victorian Derby Final

fEBRUARY 2-MENANGLE -Hondo Grattan (4yo qualifier for Chariots, All U Need is Faith, Chase Auckland, Ashley Locaz)-Ladyship (Elle Mac)

FEBRUARY 2-MELTON-Hunter Cup (Thefixer,Cruz Bromac)

FEBRUARY 9-MENANGLE -Paleface Adios (4yo qualifier for Chariots)-

FEBRUARY 16-MENANGLE-Chariots of Fire (4yo’s) Sibelia Stakes (Elle Mac ?)

FEBRUARY 23-MENANGLE-NSW Derby Heats (Ultimate Sniper)Canadian Club Sprint (100g) Cruz Bromac,Thefixer)

MARCH 2-MENANGLE- NSW Derby Final -Miracle Mile (Cruz Bromac, Thefixer) Ladyship Mile (Elle Mac) tba

***Recent News-

-Tailored Elegance, Kings Landing, Winterfell back at Rolleston

-Ultimate Me -Having the Faith,-Slingshot- Ruby Rose sold

-A Bettor Act has joined Josh and John Dickie’s stable-Jack Jones with Steven Reid-

Hayden Back at Rolleston


Auckland - All U Need is Faith, Ultimate Sniper, Jesse Duke, Another Masterpiece, Ashley Locaz, Turn it Up

Australia-Cruz Bromac, Spankem

Rolleston-Dream About Me, Elle Mac, Smooth Deal, Ultimate Sniper, Jesse Duke , Oscar Bonavena,Cheerful, Better Be Gold, Enhance Your Calm, Virgil, Chase Auckland, Funatthebeach, Copperfield, Flying Even Better, Jack Taylor, Letter Kenny Boy, Dina Bolt, Aqua Sancta, Bubbled Up, Beyond Words, Taxman, Amazing Dream, Sweet on Me, Splendid Me,Ballroom Beauty, Pur Dan, One Change, American Pride, Ultimate Machete, Thefixer


Dream About Me-(2012) Bettor's Delight-Splendid Dreams-Dream Away C J Roberts, Est Mrs J L Roberts, P Kenny, Mrs M Kenny

The Fixer-(2013)  Bettor's Delight-Tosti Girl-Christian Cullen  P and G  Kennard, R Magness, R Fleetwood, Mrs P Gillan

Ultimate Machete (2014) -Bettor's Delight-Reality Check-Armbro Operative) P and G Kennard, P and M Creighton, G Douglas, K Rise

All U Need is Faith -(g 2014) Art Major-Pacing Grace-In the Pocket. D and M Dunford 

Chase Auckland- (2014) Auckland Reactor-Delicate-Falcon Seelster. Alabar Stud Syndicate

Winterfell-(2014) Majestic Son-Una Bromac-Live or Die   T G Casey

Delight In Me. (2014) Bettor's Delight-Spendid Dreams-Dream Away. C J Roberts, P and Mrs M Kenny

Elle Mac-(2014) -Bettor's Delight-Goodlookingirl-Christian Cullen   Mrs J Feiss

Ashley Locaz -(g 2014) Bettor's Delight-Ashley Cullen-Christian Cullen.  P and J L Van Beek, J H and  L I Van Beek

Funatthebeach- (2014) Somebeachsomewhere-Minnie Moose-Bettor's Delight.  N Pilcher  P J Hailes, T Casey

Sicario- (2014) Somebeachsomewhere-Betterthanyou-Bettor's Delight  Mrs J Feiss

Speech in Silver - 2014 c Mach Three-Silence Is Golden-Grinfromeartoear   G and P Kennard, Mrs C M Rasmussen

Spankem- 2014- Bettor's Delight- Crushem-Holmes Hanover  G and P Kennard, J and A Gibbs, G and K Woodham, Breckon Racing Syndicate

Kings Landing- 2014 g Muscle Hill-Pocaro-Sundon   T G Casey

The Devil's Own-2014  g Art Major-Bishop's Blessing-Live or Die   G and P Kennard, G and K Woodham, J and A Gibbs, Breckon Racing Syndicate

Turn It Up -2014 g Courage Under Fire- Our Naratuc Bella-Western Ideal   LPilcher M Purdon Mrs A and J A  Gibbs


Three Year Olds (foals of 2015) ( moving to and fro full training during spring )

Bubbled Up -American Ideal-Speights Girl-Mach Three     Breckon Farms  The Perfect Ten Syndicate

Princess Tiffany-Art Major-Dancing Diamonds-Bettor's Delight       B and C Whitelock

Kayla Marie-Bettor's Delight-Braeside Star-Soky's Atom   B and C Whitelock

War Dan Delight- Bettor's Delight-Miss Elsie- Elsu               D Zavitsanos

Lovemelikeyoudo (T)- Love You-Regal Volo-Malabar Man    Breckon Farms The Perfect Ten Syndicate

Cheerful (T)-  2 f Muscles Yankee-Superbowlcheerleader-   B and C Whitelock

Self Assured- Bettor's Delight -Star of Venus-Christian Cullen   Mrs J Feiss

Another Master Piece-Bettor's Delight-Elegant Art-Christian Cullen  G and P Kennard , Breckon Racing Syndicate, G and Mrs K Woodham, J and A Gibbs

Ultimate Sniper-  Bettor's Delight-Reality Check-Armbro Operative   G and P Kennard, G R Douglas, P and M Creighton, K Riseley

Portalegre -Bettor's Delight-Marvao Cam -Christian Cullen  G and P Kennard, C Knowler, N and M Lancaster,  J and M Calcott

Jesse Duke-  Bettor's Delight-Daisy Dundee-In the Pocket  Mrs J Feiss

Bettor My Dreamz- Bettor's Delight-All My Dreamz-Dream Away Mrs C  M Rasmussen, Butterworth Racing Syndicate, Kaos Syndicate

Letterkenny Boy- Art Major-Postmark-Fake Left  T W Patterson  Mrs C Rasmussen

Taxman- Bettor's Delight-Strawberry Fields-Presidential Ball   G and P Kennard, Breckon Racing Syndicate, J and  A Gibbs, G and K Woodham

The Moonshadow- Bettor's Delight-My Style-McArdle   G and P Kennard, K Riseley, P and M Creighton, G Douglas

Only Me-Bettor's Delight-Splendid Deal-In the Pocket C J Roberts


Two Year Olds ( 2018 Sales)

 Aqua Sancta (formerly Sossutor )(Bettor's Delight-Sossusvlei-Art Major) All Stars Stables, Est N Pilcher,P I Baken,  T Titcomb, D Tonks, Mrs M McKay      

 Hold Thumbs (Mach Three-Twilight Beauty-Badlands Hanover) Kennard Bloodstock $85,000 G and P Kennard, G and K Woodham, J and A Gibbs

 American Pride (Andover Hall-Yankeedoosie-Muscles Yankee) bidder Mark $60,000 F Tong, W  R Pengelly

Freddiesam (Bettor's Delight-Zingara-Christian Cullen) bidder Mark $35,000    All Stars Racing, P Baken, C R Knowler

 Roll the Dice (Bettor's Delight-Twice as Great-Artiscape) bidder Kennard Bloodstock $50,000 Kennards, P and M Creighton, K and C Riseley, G Douglas

The Power of Prayer  (Mach Three-Bishop's Blessing-Live or Die) D M Dunford  $50,000        

 One Change (Bettor's Delight-Changedown-Falcon Seelster-All Stars, M Woodlock, T Casey

Italian Lad  (Bettor's Delight-Delzioso -In the Pocket)  bidder Neil Pilcher $70,000

               All Stars Racing, P Baken, Est N Pilcher, S Gillan

Don Coyote (Bettor's Delight-Coca Vicola-Il Vicolo) bidder Jean Feiss $90,000

 Woolfie Mac (Bettor's Delight-Emeli Maguire -Rocknroll Hanover) $50,000 Kennards, G Douglas, K and C Riseley, P and M Creighton

 Brook Street (Art Major-Meet Me in Mayfair-Falcon Seelster)  All Stars and Mrs J Feiss $85,000

 Smooth Deal (Bettor's Delight-Linda Grace-In the Pocket) bidder Jean Feiss $230,000

 Dina Bolt (Bettor's Delight-Pullover Brown-Armbro Operative) bidder Neil Pilcher $55,000

                  All Stars Stables, Est N Pilcher, P Baken

Copperfield (Bettor's Delight-Tricky Woman-In the Pocket) bidder Jean Feiss $47,000

 Amazing Dream (Bettor's Delight-Christian Dreamer-Christian Cullen) bidder Jean Feiss  $77,500

Pur Dan (Art Major-Collectable-Mach Three) bidder Mark $62,500 D and J Zavitsanos

Gopati (Bettor's Delight-Good as Gold-Christian Cullen) bidder Mark $90,000

                   F Tong and W R Pengelly

 Flying Even Bettor (Bettor's Delight-Flying Mrs Williams -Falcon Seelster)  $90,000      Kennards, G and K Woodham, J and A Gibbs, Breckon Syndicate 

Virgil (Sweet Lou-Pacing Delight-Bettor’s Delight Jean and Bill Feiss

"Homebred' (non sale) Two Year Olds

Sweet On Me (f Sweet Lou-Adore Me-Bettor's Delight)  C J Roberts

Agree With Me (f Bettor's Delight-Abide With Me-Christian Cullen) C J Roberts

On a Roll( f Bettor's Delight-Onlyforyou-Art Major) Breckon Farms

Ballroom Beauty (f Bettor's Delight-Twist and Twirl) Breckon Farms

Beyond Words (f Art Major -Quote Me-Bettor's Delight) Studholme Bloodstock

Secret Dream (f Bettor's Delight-Secret Potion-Courage Under Fire. Studholme Bloodstock

Splendid Me (f Bettor's Delight-Splendid Dreams-Dream Away  C J Roberts

Picture Me (c Bettor's Delight-Imagine Me-Dream Away ) C J Roberts